Contest Voting

Everyone has submitted their videos, so voting can begin now! We didn’t have more than 10 candidates, which is why picking a top 10 wasn’t necessary. The winners will be decided from the poll at 20:00 (GMT) tomorrow, so start voting!

Winter with Sarge by MrSkrix

Operation “X-Mas Dream” by Sylerr

A Half-Life 2 Christmas by rozza

Winter at Base 66 by Jesus Rulz

Engineer’s Snowman by Andreas_o

Crazy christmas nightmare by Edvinas’s brother

Corporate Christmas by hybridthehobo

Good luck everyone!

Will this also be in the news node?

Maybe, probably just the winners.

AXCIS wins! That’s for sure.

You are a true Norwegian hero who votes for other peoples videos Andreas. <3

Whoo im first now!

Oh god, a public vote? I thought it was going to be judged by a group of judges. Kinda open to exploitation.

Regardless I deleted my video, was horrible as hell and wasn’t going to place in the top 3 anyways.

I did win something from this contest though, to actually continue working on my machinimas and newer work.

It was actually good, “Winter at Base 66” was waaaaaay worse.

Looks like Sylerr won


25 people voted. I dont think that is enough for a clear result

Agreed. This needs to get to the news node so more people would know about.

Yeah i agree too why isn’t this on the news node?

Operation Xmas was awesome, hope it makes top 3

The voting ends when there are 50 votes.

So are we done?

Is it just me, or does it seem a bit suspicious that four of Sylerr’s votes are from users that just registered today and have no posts?

Is it against the rules to ask friend to vote for you?


To be honest i thought this would never end, because it was already almost at the second page so that’s why i asked some steam friends to vote.

Sure sure.

Isn’t that like the whole point of a competition? Asking your friends etc. to vote for you? And you need an account to vote…