Winter Machinima Contest

To celebrate Christmas and New Year, Constructive News is organizing its first contest. Everyone can participate as long as you own Garry’s Mod 10 and know how to use video recording software.


The theme for this contest is winter. That means your video can feature anything, from snowball fights between the terrorists and counter-terrorists to remakes of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. If you aren’t certain the subject you picked for your video is appropriate, just ask in the thread or send me a PM.

Rules and guidelines

[ul][li]The entry must be a video consisting entirely of content created specifically for this contest.[/li][li]The content in the video must be recorded in Garry’s Mod with in-game recording software, such as FRAPS and Source Recorder.[/li][li]You can do any post-processing you want, as long as it uses footage from Garry’s Mod.[/li][li]The final entry must be submitted to YouTube or Vimeo.[/li][li]The video should have a duration between 30 seconds and 4 minutes.[/li][li]Good footage should use anti-aliasing and a resolution of 720p or higher.[/li][li]The video should be winter-themed, but does not have to include snow, neither is it required to use maps like rp_christmastown. Be creative![/ul][/li]Prizes

Because the contest runs at the time of Christmas, we decided to go all out with the prizes and offer awesome prizes for the three best contestants!

[ul][li]First place: Garry’s Mod + Orange Box + CS:S (to gift to a friend) or a game of choice on Steam with a price of 50 euros or less.[/li][li]Second place: Games of choice on Steam with a total value of 20 euros or less.[/li][li]Third place: Games of choice on Steam with a total value of 10 euros or less.[/ul][/li]For people in countries with different currencies, standard conversion rates apply.

The contest

You can submit entries by posting embedded videos in this thread until 21:00 GMT on the 10th of January.The next day the best 10 entries as picked by our team are posted and the community will be able to vote for the top 3. At 0:00 GMT on the 7th of January, the three winners will be announced and prices will be awarded.

Good luck and merry Christmas!

Hmm, looks interesting I think i’m gonna give it a try!


Are you allowed to use sounds from other games?


I would enter if Garrysmod would run for me :. But if/when it starts working Ill get started, one question, can we have other friends in the video, like on a server, also is the maximum time Have to be 4mins?

You can make longer videos if you want and you don’t have to make the video all by yourself.

From the news node thread;

Of course my computer picks now to go down the shitter!


Do you need high settings?

Self-made voices and sounds?

Oh god, I only get home on the 27th :(. I will try to make mine fast!

I might try this! Let’s see how Source Recorder fares.

Grab onto your keyboards men! It will be one hell of a ride!

Going to participate in this. If I can get it done before the end of the year.

No wait, screw that.

If you guys need more time, it can be extended a bit. Just let me know.

29th is a bit soon of a deadline maybe? With christmas and all, people might not want to work on it. Sounds like a good competition, good luck to all the entrants!

For a 30 second - 4 minute machinima the time limit is fine for me.


Just rendered 30 seconds in after effects, took me 7 hours to render. So many effects!

Can’t wait to see the videos xD

Source Recorder has officially fucked up for me so I don’t think I’ll be entering. D’oh.

Make the deadline somewhat January 5th maybe?

Extend deadline please. To like january 5 please

This looks nice, I think I’m going to participate in it. Also, do we have to post the video’s in the thread or PM you?