Consular-class cruiser Star Wars

Hey guys! I’m looking for this ship model (republic cruiser / consular class cruiser) from Star Wars Kinect since days and I can’t find it! Could someone upload for me an .obj version of it with the textures please? Many thanks! (Or any good models of it please)

up? :o

the texture is in 512x512 …
Microsoft have reduce the quality sadly …

sorry for threadjack but champs do you have the lucrehulk, providence or recusant?

Merci mec, c’est cool! :smiley: - Not any chance to get a better texture version, like Microsoft one is the only version available? :o

nop sorry … the designer have done it in high resolution and high texture for rendering , but not for the game

non , le concepteur a créé une version pour son portfolio , mais il n’a pas été intégré au jeu …
en jeu tu as une base résolution …

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Nothing on my drive, cuz it’s a crazy thing for extraction in hexadecimal , with Hex2O ,
you can see the research on it on Xentax … but nobody work on it anymore sadly

for example, the venator have 80 parts … you must work on part per part
the providence, is around 200 parts … more for the lucrehulk … it’s a brainstorming

ok one last question, is there a juggernaut/ clone turbo tank in the game?

I think I have 2048 maps for this

nice find !

champs is there a jugernaut / clone turbo tank in the files?

I will look on it when I’m back to home … from memory, I don’t remind to see them

i have check on my archive, Nothing as you searching … sorry