Consult a way to remove the nude, or the server

Consult the command of how to use the remove naked
Censor. Nudity true = censors nudity
Censor. Nudity false = keeps my dick out
Is not successful
Or do you need to use the latest version of the server?

You need the latest version of the server, and what are you trying to input that in? The server.cfg or directly into rcon?

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I use a damn translation software, I’m sorry

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I use a damn translation software, I’m sorry

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How to distinguish the official server?

It should work in-game;

Hit F1
Type rcon.login “enter your rcon password here”
Type “censor.nudity true” (Without the “”)
Type “censor.nudity false” (Without the “”)

Hit enter and it should change, if not, put that same command that you want in your server.cfg and see if it works in there.

hit F1 ?
rcon censor.nudity true
Is that so?

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Please write a command format to me directly

Do this in-game
Hit F1 (console)
rcon.login “enteryourrconpasswordhere”
Hit Enter
censor.nudity true
Hit Enter

And in Chinese;

Zài yóuxì zhōng zuò dào zhè yīdiǎn
Àn F1 (kòngzhì tái)
Rcon.Login “enteryourrconpasswordhere”
Àn Enter
Censor.Nudity zhēn
Àn Enter

Chinese again;



Type rcon.login “enter your rcon password here”
The password is the password of steam?

Actually wait, i don’t even know if you have to be the server administrator. This might just be something you can change client side.

If that’s the case, try just typing the command without doing the rcon.login before it. So just type;

censor.nudity true

The Rcon password by the way, is something you setup in your server config (you have to own/rent the server) to have access to it.

Oh, I see, but I am not the administrator, I am a ordinary players, I use the way of this instruction is still the same?

Yeah, just type;

censor.nudity true

Make sure you do it in the small console window (by pressing F1 in-game)

Very thank you very much, I, on behalf of the Chinese anchor thank you for your guidance.