Contact Admins Method for Official Servers?

So I was wondering if there is some sort of method to contact an admin for official servers?

Facepunch Seattle 1 Official Server has had a really big problem with a pair of fly hackers the past few days. They have been no clipping into walls and looting peoples boxes, deauthing build privs and boxing people in, in their own bases. All while being online and boasting/taunting over voice chat while they do it. Leaving the players helpless to do anything about it but watch as their hours, days, weeks worth of hard word is gone in seconds not to a legitimate raid, but a cheater looking for some cheap thrills at others’ expense.

Myself and a handful of others have fallen victim to this boxing in from said pair of cheaters. So I was wondering if there was so manner to contact an admin for help. My group of RL friends have a base with the extieror build boxes completly walled off with no doors because we had no intention of opening them for anyone else to have access, or for someone to possibly brute force into the door for build privs. However this issue with noclip cheaters has left us stuck with boxes we can no longer access without using excessive amounts of explosives.

Granted having all of our stuff stolen really sucks, but losing stuff is just another part of Rust. It was from a cheater, which really sucks, but having our base that we spent even more time and materials on being completely screwed is far, far worse and a bigger loss.

So again, is there any method to contact an admin for an official server to possible help with this situation? :pudge:

oh you didnt know ? there is no admins on official server. that is why hackers play there.

I am aware that there is no “active” moderation. But I have seen colored names and such. Seeing as it is official, certainly there is some manner of moderation in one form or another. Which is why I am asking if anyone knows a method to get in touch with said individuals.

Hackers run rampant on these servers because there is no active moderation, but there certainly are some people with admin access. It’s just matter of contacting them. So i’m asking how to do that or if anyone knows how.

How did you not see this?

Because I already read it? Because it didn’t answer my question?

My question does not fall into the categories mentioned, as I’m not trying to report a hacker or any other thing such as that. I’m legitimately curious about a means to speak with an admin for an official server. Crying about a hacker to an admin doesn’t solve anything, I’ve been in the business of gaming long enough to know how all this stuff works. However what they “can” do is help out a player who was a target of their griefing. Because obviously I wouldn’t do this to my own base and could clearly identify that the building is my own by telling them whats inside it where, whats writtne on baords, etc.

Heck, the devs even gave admins a handy tool to remove things in this patch. less then 2 mins this could be resolved lickity-split.

Now, if there is legitimately no means for something like this on an official server, then I am extremely disappointed in Facepunch as a game development company.

You clearly seem to be a moderator of the forums, that or the community head or another staff member. I am unsure as this is my first time here and do not know the name color meanings yet. However I think you should handle things a bit more carefully in regards to a question then simply slapping a “Dumb” and mentioning something redundant. That’s not very professional.

All I asked as a question that I couldn’t find the answer for myself with a look of my own. A simple short answer would have worked just fine.

And you can’t do that communication over Twitter? And do I understand it right that you want a dev to give you all your stuff back because a hacker griefed it away from you? The “admin” of the official servers are Rust devs with other tasks in their day, please be aware.

Gold Members aren’t mods/staff/admin, just regular users who’ve been around long enough.

Ah, well that explains your lack of professionalism and attitude. Gold is OG members. I’ll keep that in mind.

I don’t care about items. I had mentioned the base itself, particularly the build boxes.

I have actually done a fair amount of volunteer work as QA for an indie mmo dev company, progressing as far as direct access of the development server to help out one the lead devs with some “on the fly” QA work as they worked in things on dev.

I’m quite aware of how these sort of things work, and how valuable actual dev time is. However this is why they have generally have staff or even volunteers for things involving direct interaction with community in game. I simply figured that FP would have something along these lines for the official servers. Granted there are a number of servers, so active moderation is unrealistic, but a means to contact somebody “after the fact” of an incident would make far more sense.

Which is why I set out to see if there was such a thing. If there isn’t, well that sucks. Disappointing, but life goes on and I just figure it out from there. That’s just how Rust is.

As far as Twitter goes, I don’t really use twitter much, so I am not too sure where to ask this question. So I figured ask here on the forums and get a clearer answer as to where to go.