"Contact!" - Blacklight operatives alerted by enemy presence.


C&C appreciated.

Now thats some fancy armor.

Very nice, good posing.

:rock: They have actual heads?!

Since when? Looks wonderful!

Its a headhack.

That head really really doesn’t fit the body.

Picture could also use a bit more light and colour.

fairly certain hair of that length would be really uncomfortable in any kind of helmet

bun that shit up

looks nice. hair is a tad awkward, if she were to put on a helmet it’d just get in her eyes and that’d just be uncomfortable as hell

The first thing I noticed was the hair and how it looks ugly compared to the rest of the picture.

Composition isn’t very good, why purposely put a gun covering half the subjects face, faceposing is weird and doesn’t fit the title or context, why is lefty looking at righty if righty just pointed something out?

I know this sounds mean but


This forum is going to be “blacklight operatives doing verbs” and “blacklight operatives standing in dramatic lighting” for the next three years as it is, just because it’s a model from Blacklight doesn’t mean it has to be fucking Blacklight. Try to have something worth happening happen. Erghk.