Contagion Serious Role-Play

This is NOT another DarkRP.

Contagion is a new role-play server, currently in beta, or rather, alpha stages.

It is set in the post zombie apocalypse, the year is 2014. In late 2012 A virus formed, or rather, what people thought to be a virus. Over time it spread into a pandemic, infecting everyone. The governments of the world were puzzled, everything quickly fell into a state of disarray.

Soon after quarantines were placed. The world fell into martial law. Curfews were set very early, etc. Not long after, people started dying. When the death count peaked, The dead started rising. Anyone that died that was infected, was now alive again.

It was very quickly established that these bodies were highly dangerous, violently tearing through anything that was near them. The governments of the world couldn’t act fast enough. No one was prepared. Humanity fell apart.

Two years later, people struggle to get by. Cities are all but destroyed, bombs and missiles were launched to try to kill off the infected. It has become apparent that people must be self sufficient. Make your own power, hunt your own food, Purify your own water.

It has also become apparent that the infected do not die. Their blood has thickened to a gel like state, the only way to kill them on the spot is to destroy the brain, or sever the brain from the body. this is a gruesome way to kill something, but it must be done.

We plan to have:

-Custom Weapons

-Custom Models

-Player Run Factions (The only admin supported factions are The Infected, The US armed forces, And “The Resistance”.)

-In depth back story

-Our own portal

-Vehicles, if properly RPed.

-Many events, sometimes daily. But these daily events will not be large. More like, marauders come to steal your supplies.

We are currently under construction, looking for anyone that may have talents that could be of use. Coders, modelers, etc. Please, if you have any skills that could be used and would like to help, Message me on the forums, Email me at, or Add me on steam (GobiNoHoukou under add a friend.)

Please, visit our forums if you would like more info. The server is currently in testing stages, but feel free to check it out, and we will set up applications for testing soon.

If you would like more info, Please, check out our forums, or just ask me. I’d be glad to answer any questions you have.


And… I put it in the wrong forum. I had a derp moment. Would a mod please move it to the correct forum?

Nah, it’s Roleplay. It should be fine, probably won’t be moved.
Seems cool IMO

This looks really good. I’ll come check it out.

Coming from an experienced serious RPer (and co-lead of the place) - take my word that this isn’t going to be a generic DarkRP edit called a zombie roleplay server with a bunch of 12 year old admins that got hired by an incompetent head admin.

I would NEVER let my script turn into that. Cielo would be gone if she did that on my servers. Anyways, I can say this about Contagion: Excellent idea, Excellently good epic win script, very good admins.

Good luck gurl!

If this server turned into that, I would just shut it down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways yeah, Thanks. Hopefully it kicks off, also, you’re welcome anytime, just so ya know. :smiley:

So is this going to be like that Epidemic game mode? 95% passive RP, and 5% wandering around looking for shit?

No. I plan to have daily or bi-daily events. There will always be threats that will keep you on your toes. Passive RP will, hopefully, focus on SURVIVAL, Keeping yourself fed, keeping power flowing, keeping water clean, etc.

As long as completing all of these tasks does not require a /me, I’ll be looking forward to this gamemode.

You do need to role-play doing these tasks, but you do not need to go into such depth as /me moves her right foot forward. /me moves her left foot forward. /me bends over. /me picks up cord.


It would be more like, /me walks over to a cord on the floor, kneeling to pick it up.


This looks quite good, I’ve been roleplaying since it started in Garry’s Mod and I haven’t done it for a very long time, I think I’ll let this be my first attempty in a long long time, I hope it’s worth it! What’s the IP adress?

As stated in the original post, go to my forums, we will be setting up an application thread shortly, and you can get in testing. The script is still being developed and such.

Cough You should make the beta open.

Well of course, but I’m sure theres going to be some resistance to these tasks, such as the zombies, and if you have to /me these fights such as on the Epidemic server, that gets a bit boring.

Cough You should get better connections.


Never call yourselves fucking serious! Just act that way, don’t self-proclaim yourselves, just makes this reek of elitism…

The only reason I call it serious, is because I do not want people to think this is another DarkRP or something. But then again, a lot of DarkRP is called serious… Okay, I get your point.

I do not want this to be an elitist server. I want it to be anything but. I want it to be a friendly place where anyone can have fun, And I intend to keep it as such. If it does get too elitist, Well. I’ll deal with it when it happens.


Well, this Role-Play does not take place in cities, but seeing as it’s been two years, there may be, some, zombies out in the country and forests. The cities have been almost completely obliterated. That being said, I plan to only have player infected, instead of those awful AI zombies. In my opinion they ruin role-play.

Also, I plan to be… Somewhat strict, on the player zombies. That isn’t to say that anyone can’t get one, but they will need a decent application and, under most circumstances, I will have want to had one of my admins seen them role-play.


Once the script is less… Well. Buggy, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The connection is fine, it’s the script that lags. Which, I will be fixing.


Once the script is less… Well. Buggy, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The connection is fine, it’s the script that lags. Which, I will be fixing.

I think he was talking about having connections to people within development of the server.

Cough I’m not talking about the server connection.

Cough I had a derp moment? What are you talking about then.