Containers, locations and loot observations

First off I’m curious if there’s another site similar to the items one (here: ) that shows loot containers and their chance-to-drop percentages.

Otherwise I’m just trying to figure out if there are any variables that effect the likeliness of certain kinds of loot drops. E.g. I’ve not found a single metal hatchet BP since the patch and have been doing practically nothing but farming barrels in the desert… would it make a difference if i searched in a different biome e.g. grasslands, or forest/meadows for barrels? Or, what if we hit barrels with pickaxes instead of stone hatchets… does that effect the likeliness of them dropping different kinds of loot?

It could definitely be coincidence, but I have noticed seemingly better drops every time i switch to a pickaxe to break barrels with…

It also seems like metal hatches have become extremely rare since the last patch… i was finding a BP for them every handful of barrels before the patch, now I haven’t found one since… kinda curious what gives O.o?!

Please, post your experience and lets brainstorm together.

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Another consideration would be spawn times for loot crates… is it at 30 minutes? an hour? seems difficult to tell atm since there’s a constant stream of nakeds running kamikaze through rad towns, but it would be useful to have some kind of idea

I would like to know more about this topic also because I have had similar issues getting useful BPs. Information on loot drops in Rad towns would be great too, as in what drops there since I can’t seem to get in without getting killed.

In my experience with barrels the only 2 items that have been worth are the code lock BP and the eoka pistol.

In addition to the Eoka and Code lock in “dessert barrels”, I’ve found:
Salvaged hammer
most of the rad gear BP’s (missing hat and torso still)
urban pants and boots (which i hope give some protection since they cost metal frags)
9mm ammo BP
rifle ammo (5.56? or whatever…) BP
Blue long sleeve BP
Bow/Arrow BP’s (of course)
Stone Spear BP (seems to be a bit rare)

sadly, i can’t remember what was in silver or rusted barrels, but that could be useful to note in the future too, I suppose.

I know for a fact that different containers in radtown have diffents loot. in the past 2 days, the large containers have only given stone hatchets, bows, and occassionaly a thompons or an AK. They would 0% of the time give clothes or things like that. Other square small containers have other types of items.

in some other server a while ago, sometime i would farm in a area and get tons of hatchet like 5 hatchet for 2 hours of barrels. sometime i change server, change area, and cant find a single hatchets for 4 days.

my conclusion, different area have different loot spawn. even if the barrels are identical, a barrel in the desert have different loot than a barrel in the forest, etc. Might be more location-based than than, maybe every small area have a specific item chance and they’re all different.

Loot seems wonky since the last update. On one server I play on, I’m fairly close to 2 rad towns. Myself or one of my group raid them every “Rust Day” quite regularly. We’ve hardly gotten any useful BPs. We do, however, get a LOT of BPs for sleeping bags, locks (not code locks), stone hatchets, building plans and other items that we know how to build by default. If we can already make these things from the start, why are BPs for these items dropping?

It’s a bug that should be resolved in the next update, according to Rustafied.

yeah, thought they fixed that already, but I’m considering just not playing until it’s patched… I did get the metal chest-piece BP in a grey barrel in a grassy field, near the spawn though… still no hatchet -.-