Contemplation of a night's misdeeds



Is it just me or does it seem he’s sitting in a really weird posture

I like the lighting!

Smoking + Kepral’s Syndrome = Baaaad

What’s that? What’s a Drell? Who’s Thane?

This isn’t Mass Effect.

Oh. Okay.

Wow, that’s fucking brilliant.

Kewl`n shit

That fucking shading, awesome stuff man.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, right?

Very nice.
I don’t like how the rifle is just laying in his lap though.

Nice atmosphere.

Pretty nice work on the shadows, especially the one coming off of his arm. You gotta be careful though, it’s darkening the shadow cast by his coat, and some of the shadows of things in the DoF blur aren’t blurry enough.

Cool coloring too.

This is how people should make Garry’s Mod pictures.


it’s a generic pose with some dude smoking supposedly giving off the aura of badassery. its been done…too many times. i know you’ll all disagree with me but fuck. i have opinions.

the lighting is good though.

you call it a generic pose but there’s enough effects in it to consider it compositional artwork than a typical garry’s mod picture. there’s more editing done in this than you’ve ever put in to your pictures.

oh, and chesty mcgee did red correctly.

I do not find this generic at all.

Thane! favorite :smiley:

Ahh I love you Chesty(Also Happy Early Birthday!!!)