Content Downloading

Did I mention that I was working on in game content downloading - from the CLOUD?

When you spawn something, and you don’t have the model, or material, or sound - it automatically downloads it.


This is coming in the next update :slight_smile:

This is brilliant! ^^

Amazing! I’m looking forward to it!

As the king would say:

This is epic!
OAH! cue keygen music

nice work barry

Let’s just hope that people will not add 200 mb of content to a single swep/entity. :v:

It would be stupid not to have some kind of file size limit but having a system like this for downloading custom props and stuff would be pretty handy, thinking along the lines of something like cloudscripts where it’s just all modelpacks, having it populate the spawn menu as they are downloaded.

I think their should be wither a file size limit or something that tells you the size of the entity so you know before you download 200mb of useless shit.

What if someone tries to use it to download CSS stuff when they don’t have CSS? Isn’t that sorta like piracy?

It doesn’t download an entire game over the cloud. Think of it as having IN-GAME without having to keep downloading zips.

i think garry would notice if a stupidly large file was uploaded to the cloud.

I’m sure he can also add a filter to block official files from valves games(though im not pretending to understand how his current system works)


At this rate will become obsolete.

Will the content be saved as soon as it’s downloaded, so you don’t need to re-download each time?

Also, if you could couple this with a save feature, it’d be what we need for joining servers.

Oh God. Garry you outdid yourself. I already feel like a badass with Gmod. Now, I feel like fucking batman. Files downloading at the flick of my wrist, and with-in seconds I control the world around me. I’m really excited. Good work.

in-game downloading/loading needs to be added to multiplayer as well as a system for loading tested and safe (by team garry) client-side modules to add functionality without requiring kids to know how to drop a dll in lua/includes/modules.

Very nice. I guess this is the first step towards an in-game addon repository.

Garry’s Mod just keeps becoming better and better.

Absolutely amazing work.


Does the content save?