Content Downloading

Yeah it’s saved locally - so you don’t have to re-download it every time.

I saw on the website cloudscript for NPC’s or something, is that coming soon?

Imagine this with maps before a votemap. :v:

This is awesome!

Are there any restrictions on the content aside from what can’t be sent through resource.AddFile? If it’s currently just models, sounds, and materials, it would be nice to have particle files in there as well.

Question 1: Are the files going to be downloaded like a normal download where you can use the models/sounds/etc in other packs, or will it be downloaded as a cache file?

Question 2: Are you going to implement protection to make sure that no one is going to try to upload something that might damage your computer or Gmod files? (To avoid something similar to problems caused by Chrisaster in the past)

Question 3: (In relation to question 1) Can you make it where you can have the option to download the entity/weapon like you do on so that you can add them on servers for use? I own an RP server and I would love to put the Gas Can Swep on there (for obvious reasons >:])

I like that sound it makes. Oh cool I see my addon in your video. Hmm.

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Wait, garry, who’s going to moderate all these uploads?

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The community/whoever downloads them(?)

I mean, moderate the comments and shit like that.



I REALLY want to see this implemented outside CloudScript. Perhaps as a way to guarantee that people will be getting content by detecting which ones are lacking clientside and forcing the server to fetch them.

Does the current system save to a special folder or to the regular models/materials/whatever folders?

That just gave me an idea…

It’d be awesome, if that you could actually DL maps in Cloudscript clientside in multiplayer, so you can download it while playing, instead of waiting for it to download in the loading screen.


If you can download lua scripts for weapons etc and use them on the fly does that mean you could create a live in game lua editor

I hope all old entities and SWEPS from cloudscript will be downloadable?
It was fun playing with harmless cube and telling your friend: " It is right behind you RUUUUN"

Are you going to use CRC/Hash checks? These would be nice, so if we had to change something - maybe fix a texture - the new version would be auto-downloaded.

It’s already revisioned

Will the content be deleted after a specific amount of time? I’m sure many people are willing to re-download content that hasn’t been used for, say, 1 month or so, and isn’t on the favorite list. Otherwise you’d end up with a huge fuckton of cache files.