Content File Locked - detail.vbsp

I reinstalled Garry’s Mod the other day because I would sometimes hard-crash to desktop while on a server I liked. However, after getting to pretty much 100% completion, the download on Steam stops and says “ERROR - Content File Locked: detail.vbsp” and force-stops the download. I’ve manually went into the folders, and I can’t move, delete, rename, or do anything to this file as it says I have no admin permissions, despite me being the ONLY admin. I checked permissions, and I should have full control over the file. I can, however, move the folder its in, but I can’t fully delete the folder nor move the individual file causing problems. I moved the entire Garry’s Mod folder to my desktop, and reinstalled it on Steam again only to get the same error again, only now I also have a folder just sitting on my desktop I can’t delete.

The only solutions I’ve found online say to disable AVG antivirus. I don’t have AVG. I disabled Windows Defender and any other antivirus I had running, but that didn’t help. Right now I’m just sort of at a loss for what to do. The only true fix not AVG-related I saw just said “yeah i fixed it by getting a new computer.”

Any ideas? I could use some help.

I’m guessing you’ve tried restarting your computer? That might clear the permission issue.

I have, yeah. Also scanned it for viruses, scanned my system for viruses, etc. Nothing.

Could always boot up a linux live cd/usb like ubuntu? Should be able to delete it

The problem isn’t just deleting it. Sure, I have an undeletable one on my desktop, but when I reinstalled, the same file appears again anyways, and it has the exact same issues.