Content Packing and SteamPipe


I normally use PackBSP for packing content into maps, but since Valve has lovingly deleted all of my GCF’s without my permission, it notw has no fucking idea what’s default conent and what’s not. This has the fantastic effect of causing it to both think everything is custom content, and unable to locate the stuff to pack unless I point it there manually.

Has anyone found a decent workaround or another program that doesn’t require me to babysit every single file (and the six files for that model, texture, physics, dx80, dx90 etc) and tell it where they are?

Opt out of the beta for whatever mod you normally map for. Be sure to save your custom content as going back will delete everything out of the common/game folder. You may even be able to just create the username/game folder and place your custom content in there, then tell pakbsp to pick content from that folder instead.

I’m really not looking forward to everything being converted to steam pipe. I’m hoping I will be able to continue using my ‘defunct’ gcf and username/game folders. At least in hammer I’m able to specify the location of content, so even if the SDK forcefully gets converted, I’ll still be able to specify where it loads my content from.

I have no problem with hammer, it’s specifically that PackBSP needs the GCF to tell it what belongs to the mod I’m mapping for, and what does not. So, in essence, I need another packing program, a fix, or the old GCF’s.

On a sidenote, I made a support ticket and this is what I got:

Yeah, that’s right, it took three weeks for them to get back to me and tell me to go fuck myself.
What was that about Valve never being comparable to EA for arbitrary changes and stonewalling customers?

vide mayb

The GCF’s are still floating around on the internet just google the ones you need and drop into your steam folder when you go to pack then take them out once you are done so it doesn’t throw a fit when you launch the game.

There’s unfortunately no official way to get them, which means I typically have to resort to the same means pirates would obtain them, which has the negative effect of both not knowing which version I’m downloading, and ass-slow download speeds.

Well, if you know what is the custom content, you can use BspZipGui: