Content packing.

So, I finished my map.
I was using ep2 engine
I extracted all CSS content into ep2 folder to have more choices, but now I faced big problem.
Don’t know how to pack stuff.
Basically if I pack everything from materials folder
map will be +200 mb.
Can I just delete materials/models/props (which is all css props)
And will it work in gmod then?
Like i mean if player will own CSS will he see props then? or do I need to pack them as well?

Don’t pack the materials and models you didn’t use, preferably materials as they tend to be larger than models in file size.

Well there is about 400 models and materials mixed up in folder.
It will take like a day to sort them all out.

Don’t pack any content that came from another source game because the client can just mount that content in gmod.

Programs like Pakrat will automatically find the custom content you’re using In your map and package it for you.

Yeah, pakrat auto scans the bsp and packs in all the content it uses.