Content suggestion

I like the game so far, it has some nice ideas and I like the crafting system. The only thing I’m a bit saddened by, but maybe that will change, is that there are zombies only in predesignated zones, and zombies don’t chase down animals. This would be a nice feature to see, maybe at night zombies stray further and enough zombies can break down wooden doors, or if animals are near them and they are attracted to movement they chase the animals down to eat them.

Additionally having roaming hoardes of zombies would be a nice feature where you can build your house and stand your ground to try and defend it or know when to call it quits and run for your lives trying to either get a band of people together to take them out/thin them out or to warn them of their coming doom.

Currently the community is poor. Very few people work together, nor do they need to work together because people fully equiped with M4 and all attachments, and full kevlar outfit raid camps of people just starting the game to steal all mats to make more bullets and explosives. Maybe make it so kevlar is strong against bullets, but won’t protect against sharp objects like bows or knifes (akin to real life) which would give them an advantage against other people they raid but in close quarters a bit of a downfall.

Lastly, I like the idea of the plane dropping packages, but having more routes the plane drops packages or drops them into more remote areas (but still within reason) would be awesome.