Content Uploading

Ok guys, I think we’re ready to let you play with this.

To upload content for your entities/weapons use this page here:

The whole system needs a few tweaks, so would quite like to hear any feedback you have etc.

How much free space is on your server, Garry?

43mb, you better hurry before it’s all gone.

Small typo.

No not upload files you did not create

I uploaded my old map that I’m currently making a remake of, when I finish it and upload it there too, can I advertise the new and improved version in the description of the first one? like “Hey I strongly recommend you to download this other map because it has the same gameplay, but techicaly and visually is much improved”

Maybe just update the first one and don’t bother with the second one?

How come I cannot upload LUA? (kinda needed for playermodel adding…)

What are you uploading a player model for?

I uploaded my bricks and my train there then I found out it’s only for single props. :frowning:

I hope there will be downloadable sets with spawnlists and stool extensions (like wheels) later.

Edit: Oh, wait! Wrong thread. I’m sorry!

If you put stuff in there individually, I’m going to do something eventually so you can group them.

Well, creating thumbnails and writing names and descriptions for 86 props is even more work than writing a spawnlist without copy and paste but it’ll be enough for the six pieces of my train. I’m looking forward to whatever will come.

Would it be possible to re-use the spawn icons for use in cloudscript, like an alternative thumbnail image?

Uploaded an mp3 file but it’s not showing up in the list. It shows under my uploaded content but I can’t add it to my scripts.

Must be because it’s an mp3 or something, people do seem to be able to upload wav files.

MP3 files can’t be used by the standard sound libraries, so it makes sense that MP3’s can’t be uploaded.

Eh what? GMod can play MP3 files so why not.

Things take a few minutes to mirror and compress. I’ll make a point of noting this on the upload page.

Best idea ever Garry. I’m having way more fun on there now.

this wiil be good, I got a ton of “upcoming” props that are related to each other.
better than hunting

Yes, it does say it’s compressing after uploading, which goes away after about 5 minutes. Yet my mp3 file is not showing up in the list of content I can add to my scripts. It’s been a day since I uploaded it.

The mp3 was uploaded yesterday.
The wav was uploaded 1 minute ago.

I hope this explains my issue.

Also no automerge :confused: