Content Without Having Games

My steam got hacked and i can’t get it back so I got a new account and only had enough money for Gmod+CSS. my old steam account had Orange Box too and I had the content downloaded, and it’s still on my computer. How do I use that content in Garry’s Mod? Some maps don’t have textures that are needed from Orange Box… and I want to be able to use them…

You can contact steam support to get the old account back.

I asked them, but they need my Mother’s credit card which she has since canceled.

Wouldnt you still be able to get the number off of it and have them check it? Or is the problem that your mom threw out the card?

They should offer an alternative option to proving it is your account. Did you happen to have anything on the account that you bought from retail? you could show proof of purchase

Nope, everything I bought was with card. And she threw it out.

I told them that i didn’t have the card because my mum doesn’t have it anymore and they said,
“Then there’s nothing we can do about it until we have proof of purchase”

that sucks. What kind of card was it? mabey you could call up their Headquarters and get the number of the old card. I’m sure if you explained you need it to validate a purchase and have proof that your mom did have it (which shouldnt be too hard) they could tell you.