Contest for the first map

Привет @garry, недавно нашел твою детскую фотку где ты играешь в песочнице, и тут мне пришла мысль, а почему бы не сделать огромную песочницу первой картой для s&box? Предлагаю сделать конкурс сразу после выхода игры в steam по карте sb_sandbox лучшая из которых по твоему мнению попадет в стандартные карты игры.
Translate: Hi @garry, I recently found your baby picture of you playing in the sandbox, and then I got the idea, why not make a huge sandbox the first map for s & box? I propose to make a competition immediately after the release of the game in steam on the sb_sandbox map, the best of which, in your opinion, will fall into the standard game maps.

Вот кстати чертежи для тех кто не может их найти самостоятельно, вам просто нужно будет увеличить размеры в несколько десятков раз. После чего добавить разных классных штук.
Translate: By the way, there are drawings for those who cannot find them on their own, you just need to increase the dimensions several dozen times. Then add some cool stuff.


Is that photo actually real? how did you find it?


Honestly, I don’t see why we should limit ourselves to just gm_flatgrass and gm_construct style of maps. Would be a lot better if we had, say, around 5 of them to pick from that were all best for various things such as vehicles.

It’d be nice if the community could come together and make some general purpose maps that would be included in the game officially. There doesn’t have to be a prize and multiple people could work on the same map.

This would provide players with the kind of environments they’ll need from the getgo, with minimal effort from the official developers.


S&box is much more about making games than gmod. I want some cool open-world generic city maps, along with a few deathmatch-style shooting maps.

There’s a reason that everyone plays on bigcity compared to construct.


I’d love to see something like gm_bigcity type of the map as one of the preinstalled default maps.


Bigcity but with a lot of interiors and detailed as much as possible, the dream… :ok_hand:


Вот это приколбас, товарищ.


нормалек идея то