[CONTEST] Musical Scene

[release][h2]Last contest was fun so i decided to make a new one to keep the great content coming[/h2]

Button Line

** Make a musical themed pose with music to go with it for added effect, use ragdolls, scenebuilds, musical intrument model, and more **

[li]No limit to amount of props/ragdolls used[/li][/ul]


No  old stuff


[li]You’re free to post your creation on the thread and in a separate one if you want.[/li][/ul]

[li]Any musical models can be used[/li][/ul]

[li]You can pick different angles and show them all in media tags, but you’ll have to notify which one of them is your primary angle (the one that’ll be shown in the OP if you get in top3).[/li][/ul]

[li]Post as many entries as you want.[/li][/ul]

Be creative, take your time and have fun.

[h2]Contest will be over the 20th of May, 2011 at 12am.[/h2]

Prize is a steam copy of ** GTA IV**

**Judges: Chesty, Castro, Lebowski, myself **

Example pic so you get an idea of what your picture can look like :


Some Models:


Looks fun

yea looks like fun. would put some good use to the ported l4d2 arena map to

I made one of these the other day


perskins, but who gives a shit?

i will add more to this post, in the morning

I am going to think of something unique and I will participate. This will take some time though.

Reserved. What I have planned is far from unique but I will hopefully make up for that in it’s artistic quality.

I was thinking of making a contest about make your own music album.

This is a good contest… wish I could participate. :saddowns:

What happens if you already have GTA IV?

Reserving a post cause I wanna try this out.

since you already own it you can still do the contest and if it so happens you win it goes to the second place person.

Or you can be a judge as well




Shit yeah, I’m in.


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ye serious entry this time

My Gmod messed up, but I’ll try to clean it up and participate.

This little Image


Let’s do some Jazz


This is perfect, I had an idea for a pose a while ago but never got to really doing it. This’ll be a perfect opportunity.

Count me in, I already have a nice idea stuck in my head for a while now!