Contest:: The Basics of Flexibility... In Woodwars.

The Basics of Flexibility… In Woodwars.

This contest is a non-reward contest, but merely a test of one’s building skills. This contest will put builders back into the older days of balancing without the uses of Expression 2 and unneeded chips. As well as this all contest entrances must be done in woodwars fashion, and up hold a strategical flexibility role which would of been a savior on a woodwars battlefield.

*Le Rules:

*1. No PHX
2. No Expression 2
3. No Gcombat, ACF, or PEWPEW (you may use wire or vanilla turrets… Or even a contraption which launches explosive props!)
4. All props must be destructible by the nature of their original build(meaning… no physical properties)
5. Basic Wiremod and Vanilla Tools can be used.
6. No parenting.

*Jury Rating:

*Combat Ability: This rating is based on your vehicles combat ability on the field. Can it hold it’s own… Or does it need to attack in swarms?

Flexibility: If you make an aircraft can it uphold different roles such as going from fighter to torpedo bomber, and torpedo bomber to interceptor? (Basically can you veichile do different roles then it intended roles)

Originality: You’re not here to look pretty… But we still have to keep the rule that you must be able to make your own style.

Have fun, build competitively, and may the best builder win.

Count Down: August 1st, 2010

Rule Edit:

You may now use Arthimatic and Comparison chips.

Nice. Pretty organized. Well planned. I might join.

What’s that link? It looks ugly :expressionless:

It’s a countdown

It also looks ugly :expressionless:

No Expression 2 but “basic wiremod”

E1 is no longer supported, so if you’re not using E2 you have to use gates…you’ve basically just said in a roundabout way “no wiremod”.

Basic Wiremod = Thrusters,Hydraulics, and Wire Tool.


Why do you need gates?

To control those thrusters and hydraulics.

Eh? I’m slightly confused now. I’ve never used gates other then two subtract chips occasionally for ease of bi-direction.
Well what gates do you suggest we allow. Anything that makes it over easy would completely destroy the point of it being the basics of flexibility.


Basic mechanical actions like addition, multiplication, and subtraction, as well as comparisons like greater than, less, than, equal to, etc. You don’t need if-thens or time gates or such.

At the very least, you need this much to get away from numpad-heavy examples that plagued early gmod contraptions, having this much lets you have a rather simplistic degree of automation, unless you want to go right back to, for example firing a series of trebuchets by pulling out a firing pin with the arm of the previous one.

Alright. That’s true. I’ll edit the rules!

So, uh, what stops a basic delta turret from being used with maximum damage to annihilate enemy vehicles?

This is kind of stupid; the entire point of making woodwar stuff is to be able to do it quickly and blow each other up, not to be for a sexyness competition…

Then the whole no wiremod thing is a joke. This would be a nice beginner “competition”

I swear to god Joey if you use that wooden plane that Unit-05 made in June last year.

Pretty much

Well if thrusters, hydraulics, arithmetic gates, and comparison gates are the only things allowed, delta turrets cannot be constructed. No target finders or beacon sensors.

I assume adv pod is allowed so mouse aim?

i’ll see what i can do

furry avatar made op’s post invalid

also grammar of op is atrocious, christ


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