"Contest", Ultimate hardcore building arena of DOOM.

Note to the reader :pseudo:
Note to you, reader: I am not a native English speaker and I am consequently inclined to do some nasty grammatical mistakes, so please, rather than killing my family, highlight them to me and, if you feel like a hero, explain them to me.

**Introduction :sun: **
Hello non-frog-eaters (Or english speaking ones that are stupid enough to go on facepunch :cop: ).

I am the moderator of the contraption section (Which we call “device section” out of pride) of a French g-mod forum and in order to face the “recent” waves of high tech mingebags (Meaning: People whose first contraption was built with wiremod an phx because, you know, that’s COOL and NICE and SHINY and STUFF) I created a series of threads for ye olde builders to show their amazing trash-style building skills, to popularize it. It began, of course, by a “Show us your first device” thread, which was quite funny actually, albeit not popular enough in my opinion; we then continued with a “no new shiny stools and props” building contest, which was also funny but still not extremist enough in it’s vision of the g-mod and, last but not least (I LOVE cliché English) I made the Ultimate hardcore building arena of DOOM contest, the most popular of the three by far and the one that you are faced with now.

RULES :catholic:
So, now that we finished reading your useless first paragraph, can we know what are the rules, given there are some?
Yes you can my dear lord, here they are, biblical style (King James inside):

Rule n°1: Thou shall be honest with yourself.
Rule n°2: Thou shall try to be vintage as possible.
Rule n°3: Thou shall build something that have a mechanism in it and/or that can move itself. (No: LOOK AT MY HOUSE allowed, obviously)
Rule n°4: Thou shall not use any downloaded items except maps and adv duplicator if you really need it.
Rule n°5: Thou shall not use thrusters.
Rule n°6: Thou shall not use welds.
Rule n°7: Thou shall not use hoverballs.
Rule n°8: Thou shall not use any sort of parenting.
Rule n°9: Thou shall not, in a more general way, use something if you are able to achieve the “same” result with something less “efficient”.
Rule n°10: Thou shall acknowledge that I probably can be stupider than you regarding these previous assertions.

FAQ: :hist101:
Here is a little FAQ about the rules:

1 You: Are there any stools you don’t “like” but that are allowed?
Me: Yup, the stools that are concerned by rule n°9 in general: Hydraulics, muscle, advanced ballstocket… Try to use your head and the non-rigid ropes, ropes, are always a good thing in my opinion.:pipe:

2 You: I really want to use an addon, not a flashy one, just to improve the overall “feeling” of the stuff, can I?
**Me: **Weeeeeeeeeeeell, i’d prefer not to but if it’s going to be a really failsome contraption with it, then it is ok I guess… Just please tell us what you used and why. This also works with the “forbidden vanilla tools” like thrusters etc, BUT this does NOT apply to precision tools… Use your eyes and anything at your vintage disposal to build.

**3 You: **True Vanilla building should be in game only, not in VMF format. It will make the contest very unfair.
Me: This one is a good assertion, well at least I think it is, I tend to put videos of my contraptions, you should do the same. Pictures, in my opinion, fail to render the mechanism and it’s “failingness”.

**4: You: **So, When’s the deadline.Whats the prize / other reason why i should do this. Who will be judging. Etc.
1: No deadline, the winner is the best there is on the topic EVER (Meaning in a week if I am really lucky)
2: Virtual chocolate: ####.
3: What about a good old “The best is the one that is considered the best by more people than the others according to their vision of the contest’s goals” winning style? This way we will achieve relative objectivity.

The darkside of the FAQ :devil:
Now, as I still have the soul of a moderator even though I am not on my actual jurisdiction, and to avoid all the flaming that made facepunch famous: THE AMAZING FLAMING F.A.Q (Some of them are extracted from posts made in answer to the “Vanilla Builder” contest, with which I have no connection BTW, some of them are even extracted from “gold members” posts… Consequently I might have been a bit aggressive, I expect you, however, to understand me. I have chosen them as they were eventually connected with this contest as well, beware, there still is REAL answers to REAL questions hidden a bit here and there into this FAQ). EDIT: Well, there are some that are directly addressed to me now, some are added.

1: You: Typical competition derived by a 15 year old.
Why should we restrict ourselves? That would make the quality of stuff we make be below average.
Me: I don’t know, for fun. To discover a new part of g-mod that some of you had forgotten, to highlight should I say as it is not really a “return to the past” stuff, I am talking about the crazy mechanism and trash design stuff. By the way: What is your objective criteria for “quality”, and why should I be 15 years old? What is the point of this gratuitous pejorative assertion on one’s age?

2: You: Why did you felt and urge to share this shit with us?
Me: Because facepunch is the birthplace of the behaviour I was fighting against when posting these threads, look at your contraption section, look at the reactions of the people against the “vanilla contest” thread. It sounds like you have forgot the vintage charm of g-mod that, for some of us like me, was the only real reason why loved this game, the struggle against those pesky law of source physics, the failures due to an imprecision in a robot fight, the incredible physic based mechanisms that looked almost impossible and worked against all expectations, the creativity and courage that it implied to be a g-mod player at a time where precision did not exist (Looks like my over-enthusiasm took control of me, sorry). Anyway: Show the world how vintage you can be, have fun, and make us have fun!

3: You: How are you supposed to know if we build something with easy precision?/Not a very well made competition. Like they’ve said, there’s virtually no way you could tell if someone used easy precision or is just very skilled at positioning props with the PhysGun.
Me: Good boy… (This one might be a bit aggressive indeed, but I guess you will understand quite fast my reaction. If you really don’t I might answer it more consequently though)

4: You: It looks like this competition is something you threw together to have a chance at competing to the popular builders on this forum: Restricting the tools that make their contraptions the best.
Me: Well, once again what is your definition of “Best”, then please answer to this question: Why should I have an urge to feel better than those people you are talking about? I am not childish enough to think that way… Anyway, I am not part of the competition, I will just eventually post you an example of what is expected if I consider that you didn’t grasp the soul of this “contest” (With the “”).
5: You:** So basically this is like that other “vanilla contest” that some kid wrote, but even more retarded and limiting? Well… Sounds like… nope. Not even gonna start with this one.
Me: There are differences between this contest and the other, well, almost only differences. I explain myself: First we don’t have the same “goal”, he wanted free building with vanilla, I am just limiting you to do a lot of things and this is not freebuild, definitely not as you have to make something that moves in a way. No houses for example, no prop posing either, you must build some kind of device and make it as vintage as possible. Yes it is VERY limiting, and even retarded if it matches your definition, and that is all the point of it. I don’t expect a lot of people to give it a try though, I am not that much idealistic ^^. Oh, and the “kid” stuff was quite free by the way.
6: You:** bahahahaha i love it.
Contests where you limit the use of a tool based upon complexity betray your skill or lack thereof.
** Me: **More or less already answered to the question in 1 and 5 but I’ll focus there on the skill question as it seems important to most of you: Yes, in a way I do agree with you but you look like you are forgetting that the goal of this context is NOT to judge the “general” ("" explained later on) skill of the people competing. Why the hell do you have to judge an invention on the “skillz amountz” there is in it by the way? Like it or don’t but don’t bitch with it for 3 hours, we are not playing to “I HAVE THE BIGGEST” here… We are just determining what contraption fits the best some criteria. In a “contest” you never judge skill, you judge a result according to an “ideal”. Pretty much the same thing for the universities and their exams. And if (Notice the if please, I would never say something like that otherwise) I stayed in the same logic as you I would answer something more like that: Skill is not an objective thing, it’s kinda relative to what you are doing. One might be skilled with pseudo ultracomplex wire mecanismz and might not be able to do “mad max building style shit” properly. We WOULD be judging the “vintage design and mechanism building” skill of the people not their “wire and coding and precision and stuff” skill.

7: You: …The desire to regress back to “old school building” is nothing but looking upon the past with rose-tinted glasses. I remember the “good old days”, and I can’t be happier that we’ve surpassed that by leaps and bounds. Tastes change, and as much as I’d love to get enjoyment or lasting fascination from stapling thrusters to a bathtub or ragdoll, it just doesn’t do it for me any more.
**Me: **I have never done this to go back to and idealised past. I have done it to change the building uses of the participants and see what would be the result IF stuff and stuff and stuff. As I said it is not a vanilla contest. It is a try to do something artificially vintage and cool with vintage stuff in it to see the result.
You know, I always used thrusters when I began in my so-called “good all days” (Well, I’ll not use the weld example because at the time I did not speak English and I used the double axis or axis and rope method…). EDIT: For the taste thingy: I am not forcing anyone to like this or that part of G-mod you know ^^.

8: You: Better idea for a competition; Blahblahblahblah.
Me: :objection: You are out of the topic. Moderate/Erase.

Examples needed? Here they are (These are subscriptions from the french topic, so yup, that’s in french and yup, that’s not good. But that’s the spirit boys):

I like how you patronise us.

Great idea=)
facepunch users: let’s spread it like AIDS!!

I’ll answer to you by private message Gibbo if you don’t mind :wink:

Stop being cryptic and write it out properly.

We cant use welds?

Nope :science:

(I sent you what I sent to him, understand me, I just don’t want it to go flame war ^^)

EDIT: There are no “stored messages” thing, damn. Well, he can send it to you then.

So basically this is like that other “vanilla contest” that some kid wrote, but even more retarded and limiting? Well… Sounds like… nope. Not even gonna start with this one.


Seriously, the Nail Tool must’ve been popular with the french, but i havn’t touched it since gmod 8 simply because of inefficiency. Your seriously going to restrict us form using the Weld Tool?

Secondly, that Tatourmi’s a spah!

Well, be sure that it’s not popular with the french either but it can be fun to use, and yes I DID restrict some people to use, I was just willing to see if you would give it a try too ^^.

To enthusiast guy above you: You’ll have an answer in the FAQ in 5 minutes ^^".

It wasn’t a question so I don’t need an answer and if you don’t have the balls to answer me infront of everyone you’re not going to get much respect from anyone.

I’ll reply to you’re PM here.

If me simply saying “I like how you patronise us” upsets you in any way then you must have the emotional stability of a 3 year old.

Post my answer to your post here then for the public to have the full “discussion”, I don’t have it in my mailbox anymore. If I send it to you by PM it is just because I hate open flaming wars.

Do you really think people care if they “hurt” people on the internet?

I don’t know, maybe allow thrusters instead of hydraulics and muscles, because that was the way it was back then.

Yup I know, but that was not the point, basically the goal of this contest is to force people making things differently, meaning forbidding the use of the most basic stuff. As I said it is not just a vanilla contest ^^.

To Gibbo once again: No, I don’t believe it, (how could one believe something that is proven to be false everywhere?) but sometimes I’d like to believe that internet is not just a battlefield. There are ways to say things, why choose the aggressive one if you can avoid it? And there are things that are just meaningless too, namely (Is that the use of namely?) the qualification of the age that don’t fit with the meaning of the message, why once again even take the time to write them down? This is just absurd to let your feelings take control of you this way ^^.

Philosophy and the internet do not mix.

Posted this in another thread, and it applies here.

Oh, oh, also, this might also apply:

How about advanced ballsocket?

Leave the poor frenchy alone Gibbo

Ya, Adv Ball Socket should totally be allowed. [/ninja]

Good contest :V
Cool language :V
I’d join.
And so should YOU

If I still played GMod :V