Contest voting thread: 1[/MEDIA]






Srgt. Shotup





I had to remove a lot of entries, the ones left are the ones that followed the guidlines the best. More voting threads to come

SatansSin definitely, First vote :c00l:

It was a tie between superfrog, santansin, and slayer20 for me, so I chose randomly.

Slayer20’s got a very weird contour on the models, and it also has missing textures on the soldier googles.
I’m gonna have to go with Superfrog, because his pic is almost perfect.

I didnt notice the missing texture untill you said it Santz.
But I picked slayer20 because the colors are awesome, the angle is good and it seems very “In the moment”

Oooh shit, Superfrog or SatansSin…?

Psst guys :

(vote for me or ghost will kick your ass :smiley: )

The at least give me a second place cuz I won’t beat Superfrog as my mind tells.

Kinda have to go with superfrog’s on this one


I voted.

Oh wow nice eye Santz! Didn’t even notice that. I think it’s a cubemap reflection though…

Hmmm… The voices say I should vote for Santz… It shall be done in order to appease the voices…
Also… I do remember that in usual votings… One is morally (don’t really know) encouraged to not vote for one’s self… So…
@ Mrfantasticool, simkas, SatansSin: Bad you you you… Bad people who vote for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways… I respect Ryzo who is dying honorably…

0 votes :frown:

I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t of voted for mine either.

I wonder if anyone voted for themselves. Tsk tsk.

Just check the votes D: or read Arkayn’s post.

I went with MrFantasicCool’s picture. I thought the “Burly Brawl” was pretty cool. That, and I don’t want Ghost kicking my butt. :v:

Bumping, so more people get to vote!

although I liked a lot of them, I voted for satansin

How do you see who voted for you once you have entered the poll?

Someone has voted for me and I want to see who, although because I have already entered the poll I can’t.

Click on the number of votes you have, and it will open a voting info page.

Superfrog :love: