Contest voting thread: 3[/MEDIA]

Airsoft Boy


Fire Kracker




Hmmmm, strange. My pic doesn’t seem to be in the poll. :frowning:

Headshotter for sure in this thread. Fire Kracker is second for me after that.

This is a tough one, but I deicded to go with ryu-gi because it has best posing

Fire Cracker’s would have been awesome if there was more action.
So Headshotter gets my vote in this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you posted a PNG, if you convert it to a JPG, I’ll put you in for sure

(I just searched PNG in the list of entries and deleted them all because I didn’t have enough room in the thread)

There we go!

Hm… Neither was mine… I am offended!
Then again not too many people would vote for me so I am slightly less offended!

Thanks for adding me dude!

Voting on Fire k’s for this 'un

Damn! Sorry Urb, I already voted…

Urbanator’s got my vote

Fire Kracker’s picture isn’t loading, and the link to it doesn’t work.

Urbanator ftw

Geos gotz my vote.

Whoops, just realised I should have voted for Urbanator.


well it’s the one where the guy is wearing the helmet and there’s a hole smashed in it

I voted for urbanator’s


here’s a new link

fire kracker’s got my vote for sure.