{Contest} Who ever sends me the funniest picture will get a Rust key and a chance to play with me and stay in my Compund

The pictures must be of pictures drawn

Drawn picture or can it be digital?

CRAP! my name is not Simon, and I do not like to do Drawings…

Drawn pictures


Drawn pictures ? Alright


Here’s my work of art.


Step it up a notch

Please no, we don’t need a repeat of the Drawing Contest.

Darn, so crappy MS paint drawings aren’t what you’re looking for?

Guess a large part of facepunch isn’t going to go for this challenge.

No lol I just ment mabey more effort lol


Digdugs original

Isn’t in the sticky that you can start false contests for keys? In other words, people like you who don’t have direct links to a key, can’t give out keys?

I’ve never heard of you in-game, nor your “compound”. Doubt you have a key, either.

Combo of Drawing, Photoshop, and Painting!

I cant draw ;<

I declare you the winner, enjoy the compund

Woot! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!


Years of scientific calculations and many, many prototypes have gone into this hilarious original.