Contests as a better method of production?

I’ve been watching for awhile, and it seems its better to host a contest than to try to hire someone to design and craft a map (unless you have an architect around that can provide detail schematics)

So, contests seem to have a track record of providing talented results and a ton of creativity.

Lets say I wanted to fund a contest. Entries would need to provide VMF and release textures/map under open license.

Theme is space ship environments (bridge, engineering, docking bay, security with brig, etc)

First place: $100
Second place: $50
Third,Forth,Fifth $20

Would there be any folks that have hosted contests before that would be interested in providing judging/panel…

Feel free to rate dumb. I’m still new here and trying to figure out what methods get results.

The thing with contest is you never get a specific result as you would with hiring people. You get the best results when you are vague, so for yours you would just say a ship in space, and not include what they need to make. Then there is a lot of work that goes into a contest besides that, judging maps is hard, keeping people interested is even harder.

When you make a contest you do just that, but when you hire someone you can give them specific details you want, and may end up saving yourself some money in the long run. After hosting a competition I have to say it will never be what you expect. Most people who enter won’t finish, and those who do may not make a map that lives up to what you were looking for, but you have to still choose a winner anyways. The things that you judge off of may change astronomically.

In my opinion hiring someone to make something is better to get what you want, and a competition is if you like a surprise and a gamble. Neither are better for production.

Sorry, if this doesn’t make much sense.

It makes complete sense. Good input (lol on the zing)

It depends on how specific your idea is. but besides that you have a good point, you get alot of interesting perceptions of the same concept.

If it’s something like a multiplayer mod and you want maps for it, then a contest would be a really effective incentive to get people to make some maps for it.
If it was for a single player campaign, the results won’t be what you’re looking for.

An interesting idea would be a more rigid contest brief, meaning entrants would be inclined to follow the brief as closely as possible, but of course their own concept of the idea would shine through.

Yeah, I thought about this too.
I was thinking remixes of rp_serenty as the author said it was unoptimized so it decompiles to vmf nicely.
He also said would be okay to re-release it under creative commons.

It’s a pretty small map, and I think some parts could be cloned and textured in different ways.

That might be a little too rigid, my thoughts were more along the lines of a detailed brief which describes various important aspects of the map,
and focuses on details which the author believes will make the map unique, sort of a descriptive passage I’d guess. I don’t know, I’ve always
thought of bsp decompiling in any form being a bit of a butchery, but that’s just me.