Continental Army convoy ambushed

Decided to do something with BG2 models.

Something original! Posing is adequate but the blur is a little heavy.
You get an artistic.


damn double post

Never seen that before here. Arty!

Not bad. I’m impressed you managed to make something with those God-awful models. You raped the picture with blur though.

Sorry, but ambushed from 10 feet away? Where were they hiding?

Whoah something original AND well-posed, nice job.

Fucking Redcoats.

You can’t see any posing.

As a side-note, I doubt Red Coats would be doing any ambushing.

My only complain is that woman falling out of the cart. She looks like a human-sized doll with marble limbs.

too bad those models are so terrible

Goddamn british, and their sneaky ways.

Actually, the pre-Americans were the ones to use guerrilla warfare, all the British did about it was complain.

I don’t know, inside the giant tea pot?

Not enough smoke.

a few of the US soldiers are rather stiff, but all in all it’s pretty good.

damn redcoats



Good pose by the way.

get BG2

Two thumbs up for originality!

Horse is made by Kathar, everything else is from Battlegrounds 2.