Continue laggy

i just brought rust (13-01-2014)
and when i start playing i get continue lag.

i got a realy good pc, and realy good internet so that cant be the problem ?

i got the warning ???

(Filename: Line: 252)

RenderTexture.Create failed: format unsupported.

i dont know if this is the problem maby any one els is experience this ?

Please post your system specs.

CPU, RAM, video card.

intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @3.4GHz
8 gb ram
64 bit system
GeForce GTX 555 1 GB GDDR5
internet speed 120 mb

Is it lagg like you can still move and shit or does it freeze?

Wich server and what is your ping for that server?

Lag =/= Low FPS

stil move
its like 1 sec move and the other sec it freez and the other sec i can move again and it keeps going like that.

i try grass.on false but nothing changes.
also low graphics but also nothing?

i find out somthing, is the resulution, when you go in window mode i mad the screen smaller and how smaler i make it how better. its a bug or what ?

you tried with a wired connection?

solution found, res was on 1920x1080 put it lower and your problem is fixt :wink:

good good :smiley: