Continuious Tiramisu 2 problems.

Hey guys, I’m continuing to have the same problems with the Tiramisu 2 gamemode.

[SUB][[DN:RP]Synkro|2|STEAM_0:0:22878689] Lua Error:
Couldn’t include file ‘tiramisu\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ (File not found) (<nowhere>)

[[DN:RP]Synkro|2|STEAM_0:0:22878689] Lua Error:
Couldn’t Load Init Script: ‘tiramisu/gamemode/cl_init.lua’[/SUB]

It keeps not being to notice the cl_init.lua

I’ve tried setting up FastDL as well, and it has not luck what so ever. Also when someone spawns, it’s almost like a half gamemode and people are not able to pull up the tab menu and the physgun is blackened out.

I’ve also tried re uploading the gamemode via ftp 2-3 time with no luck, and I keep getting the same error.


As well a trying to use sv_downloadurl , sv_allowupload , and sv_allowdownload

Have you tried running the gamemode on Singleplayer?

Yes, it works perfectly fine on singleplayer.

Unless you are an experienced scripter do not attempt to fix tiramisu. It takes alot of work just to get it stable. If you are like roleplay (Tiramisu base) check out my thread and add me to steam friends. I can probs hook you up with free moderator and what not.

It works perfectly fine. Stop promoting your shit.

Please do not try and flame my posts. Dont take my word for it, try and host the gamemode yourself.

I made it, and yes, I’ve tried it myself. It works just fine, it’s just that basically every admin mod overrides hooks and shit it shouldn’t be overriding.

Are you using an external Admin Mod?

I have hosted the gamemode myself. It works perfectly.

don’t post false information because you’re too unintelligent to get it working.

No, I am not. I tried using ULX, but that just screwed it up more. So I got rid of it.

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Why would I want a free moderator? (Steam Friends) lol