Continuous chat flood

Good afternoon.

I don’t know if this forum is the right place to report or asking something for London development server, my apologies first of all.

Me and some players from London Development server, are sick tired of the global chat flood, there are some players using this chat for their own, I mean, they don’t have microphone so they answer evrything they hear in their private voice softwares where they can’t talk, in global chat, I dont want misunderstandings about what we think about this people, global chat is for what it is, and I barely know facepunch server rules, but the kind of things you’ll see in the screenshots later are chatting in caps constantly, spamming ctrl + v, also people harrasment.

I dont want to disable chat cus I like to help ppl about any known or recently bug, would be nice if you do something against this, maybe an individual mute option or admin punishment, etc.


Almost everything is in Spanish, I will translate if needed, but I think it’s irrelevant.

Many regards.

Actually, you can’t really blame them for this… But I understand your pain, that’s why you can press F1 and disable the chat. The problem is, some people say some interesting things on that chat. For now, player can’t mute, only mods.

So I think that you should disable the chat or wait an admin to mute / kick, but I don’t think they will do it.

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they should remove global chat, add local chat, and add in walky talky radios for long distance voice / chat communication.

The public frequency on the radios could serve as the new global chat, but if you don’t want to see it, switch to a different frequency.

Use this to your advantage. We’ve had groups of Brazilian and French-speaking players from Quebec join servers and they use public chat exclusively. They plan raids, etc while confident no one understands what they’re saying.

In the case of the Brazilians, I would just type what they wrote into Google translate. It wasn’t perfect and didn’t catch Brazilian Portuguese slang well, but I could understand enough to actually know what they were doing, their positions, what they were planning, etc. As annoying as it was to have chat flooded constantly, the intel to be found in there was invaluable.

As for the French-speaking guys, I happen to speak French, so again it was just an invaluable source of intel.