Contract killer about to have his brains blown out.

A contract killer walked up to a guard of his important target and shot him in the chest point blank, stunned the guard sits down on the steps unable to react to the person he thought was just a civilian, the hired killer is about to Finnish the job when the guards buddy spots him… well you know the rest.

I don’t know, tell me what you think

And about the guard, hes not really experienced so being shot point blank from someone that he deemed not a threat kinda startled him and he collapsed onto the stairs.

Obviously this guy didn’t graduate ‘Contract Killer School’. Teacher 47 is not proud.

Good hand posing in first pic mate

First picture is good. Hand and fingerposing is very nice and the depth-of-field works well.

Funny thing is, I didn’t hand pose them at all as they are not handposeable.

I like the first picture, its great with the posing

What is up with the bumpmap on the guy in second pic

Normal map. And it’s a downloaded one I think.

Its a download from FPSB.