contraption build

If I were to want to build a large fort and wanted to parent it for less lag how should i approach this build cause if I parent it wont it just fall through the world?

Also can anyone tell me where I can find how to make a wire hydraulic door disapear when it slides backwards to let people in because I’ve seen people do it

-thank you

Parenting something that never moves completely defeats the purpose of parenting: to cause 0 lagg on large moving objects.
In other words, unless it’s a walking castle, you don’t need to parent it. Just don’t use over 9000 welds. Welds cause lagg.

I could guide you through making a wire door sometime… or you can just look it up on youtube.
Look out for old tutorials though. Some youtube videos are so old, you could make a wire door 10 times easier with the latest version.

But I’ll write this here. This is the absolute simplest way of making a door using Wire. It can of course be made much more advanced to make it more awesome.

  • First build the body of the door.
  • Put a Wire hydraulic on it.
  • Spawn a Wire Button with Onvalue being the length you want the hydraulic to be at when the door is opened, and the offvalue when the door is closed. Make sure “Toggle” is checked
  • Wire the Hydraulic control hub to the button.
  • Click the button to open and close the door.

The easiest way to make the Wire Hydraulic door “disappear” is make it slip between two props.

well i’m looking for a bit more complex way like the doors themselves are larger than the adjacent walls that are recieving them when they slide back, so basically when it "dissapear"s it will just pop back out once it passes the adjacent wall’s length. also I’ll probably be using 9000 welds cause itll be using 9000 props so thats my dillema thanks for the feedback so far

You don’t need to weld each prop to every other prop. Just weld each prop to ONE adjacent prop.
Or you can simply not use welds at all and use NoCollides (They are also caught by the Adv Duplicator, but cause no lagg). Then just remember not to unfreeze it :stuck_out_tongue:

well if i weld it to ONE adjacent prop it’ll start to bend considering im also using no collide and unforntunately i like to be able to move my things so :d

anyway back to the door question

I made a video, JUST for you!!!
It shows both how to make it with just a button, and how to make it a little more advanced.

Here is what to wire to what for the more advanced one:
Both Hydraulics to the Smoother
“A” of the Smoother to the Toggle
“Rate” of the Smoother to the Constant Value (30)
“Clk” of the Toggle to the Or(any)
“Onvalue” of the Toggle to the Constant Value (50)
"Offvalue of the Toggle to NOTHING (makes it 0!)
“A” of the Or(any) to one of the buttons
“B” of the Or(any) to the other button

Make sure the buttons are NOT toggle.

Making a fort is easy, just nocolide your props place them then un-nocololide them they wont spaz unless released. Add wired doors etc, then auto select everything with smartweld (radius 1000 without nocolide option) and weld to a barrel holding “E”, don’t worry you doors will still work after dupe. Now dupe the barrel and save. When you spawn it remove the barrel which removes all the welds and your done. This way the only constraints in the whole fort are the moving doors. The less the constraints the less the lag :stuck_out_tongue:

you could use smart weld.

that way, you can select every prop in the fort, then weld them together (smart weld is a bit more efficient, so there will be less lag).

As for making the door actually disappear, you could get the Fading Door Tool (it is in Conna’s Tool Pack).