CONTRAPTION: ducati sport 1000

haven’t bothered adding the detail i said i would, but i’m having a hard time finding good props for the details on the handlebars and so.

anyway, here’s a reference of what it’s supposed to look like. (just not the rear lights with the license plate and all that, cause no one in their right mind would keep that ugly stock look.)

Nice looking but sorry mate wrong section :

Yeah this is the wrong section for this stuff

but if it’s any consolation, it’s really good looking! :slight_smile:

How long did this take?

I was going to make a scene build with it, but since my gmod crashes when i open the spawn menu in single player, and the server i play on has a prop limit of 200 and a ragdoll/effect/lamp limit of 0 i couldn’t really do much with it. i know it should have been posted in the general gmod blah blah but i figured the people of this section would have a lot more appreciation for it than the “how does i make an gmod server” people of the general gmod section. it gets so flooded with crap threads there that you can’t really get it seen before it hits the 5th page.

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well since i’m kind of stupid when it comes to saving my stuff and i blindly rely on the people and the server i play on not to crash it took a while. i had to remake it 4 times because of server crashes, but i’d say the effective build time of it was maybe 8 hours or so. mostly because i had to use a load of clipping. each wheel has 12 props :v:

There has been lot of tensions between people of this section and contraption guys recently. It’ll get flooded by poses threads here aswell eventually. I suggest you post to General Gmod next time.

that’s ok though. if it gets bypassed by cool poses i don’t have a problem with it. it’s more when it gets overshadowed by those idiotic help threads that i mind :smile:

I understand your concern and I respect you gorgeous looking job, but if you start posting them here, more people will start doing it and shit will hit the fan again. But you got my point so let’s get back on topic, you’re nice and your ducati deserves it. :v:

Haven’t seen a bike this sexy in a while and Angry Frenchman is right, we just need to get all the help threads out of the way in the general section and everything will be dandy.

Sick bike, bro.