[Contraption(?)] Rock Fort

Collab between me and theo. I was originally going to post this in the WiP thread but I have way too many pictures and there’s already a shortage of contraption threads. This is a little more than 300 props and consists mostly of rocks for the base of the structure and tiled blocks to flatten some of the inside. The first floor includes a kitchen and five TV sets. The second floor is still under construction, and as of now has a laundry room, access to the roof, and a stripper lounge. The rooftop has a bar and a big screen for playX. Oh, and it RSOs people like all of my contraptions
[HR][/HR]Pictures in no particular order









Reminds me of my old flying island project that I abandoned. Nice to see something like this being finished.

Nice, I’ve always liked rock bases. It’s also good to see things other than help threads in the gmf.

gmf? gold member forum?