(Contraption) Scavenger Crew Cab 4x4

Based on a Defender. It started as a forceweld truck some 9 months ago and then just sat and collected dust, and then I played the map rp_apocalypse and demanded something be made to traverse this wondrous terrain.

Since it uses wheel2, I had to take a number of measures to make it drivable that I don’t normally do. I had to devise some actual anti-roll bars and spent a lot of time trying to balance drivability and offroad capability, and I seem to have hit a perfect mix. Had to trade a bit of grip for not-flippiness.

it’s a bit beat up, someone left a giant dent on my passenger side.

made it through!

it’s entirely wheel powered and hydraulically steered (which is uncommon for me, i’m lazy)

(btw i’m amplar on an alt)

Very nice, I like how it’s realistically rusted. Usually when I have roll problems with wheel 2, I use swing axles instead of ropes. works really well.

looks like you’re leaking trans fluid.

nah that’s the hooker i left in the back seat that i’ve been lugging around for days

Nicely done.

Btw… what is the map on the second pictures?

Seems to be the same map in all screenshots. rp_apocalypse.

I’d love to see a fixed up version of the truck, all nicely polished.

but that’s boring

But it would look pretty, especially in red.

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or blue.

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or green

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…AND since a good 60% of the builders here agree with the post I’m responding to…

Love it. Now i want to build an of-froader with lights and go drive around in the dark.

post-apocalyptic style vehicles are simply badass. i gotta start making them again

Any reason why I can’t get apocalypse to work?

if you get engine hunk overflow, look at the thread, theres help for that. if you crash a lot or something, try rp_apocalypse instead of gm_apocalypse.

play RP_apocalypse, not GM.