[Contraption] V12 car 150 MPH!!

Hey guys, i did a decent V12 recently. It had 2200 HP and it hit 150 mph on the car. The chassis had decent handling which could handle 130 mph without ballsockets to world.


Looks good! Nice job man.


Sweet. I didn’t think anything engine powered would do 120+, even though those console commands to increase RPM and topspeed were added. Good job.

What’s the current speed record for a car without any commands?

Thanks, but you can. A friend of mine got 190 mph with a decent V8.

Dunno. But i maximumly got 60 mph with the speed limits

Looks great man!

Good to see a properly non-naturally balanced engine on here once in a while. Also, good work with the speed record; I’m only just breaking the 120 mark with some much smaller engines and wheel diameters.


Well actually this engine was just a try. I never believed it could get up to these speeds.Anyways, thanks.

Question: How can you have 2200 HP at 800 RPM. Thats just… wrong.

120mph because by default 120mph is Source’s speed limit for all objects.

I was pretty sure that the default maximum speed was around 250 mph. All I know is that I’ve gotten much higher speeds than 120 mph without any mods several times.

ooooo, A dyno for gmod O.o

how do you get such smooth stable engines? I need a tut for one of these!

Use easy precision to do it. It has a “minor slider stabilization” feature which makes them tend to be a good deal less spazzy. (Be wary though, it’s not spazz proof!) Also, longer connecting rods and/or crankshafts with smaller strokes help in my experience.

My question is, at those speeds, how do you keep the damn wheels from slipping at low speeds and falling into the ground at high speeds? I have a decent V12 of my own that I’d love to use to make an F1 car, except I can’t get my wheels to grip and not fall into the ground when they spin quickly.

To answer your question, the MakeSpherical tool. I’d link you, but Garrysmod.org is down currently.

220 is

default speed limit for source is 119. garry raised it some year ago or something to 225. you are both correct.

First of all, you need to get the right timing. Just remember that the pistons should force down when its all the way up(and force up when its all the way down). And another thing, you can use precision alignment to rope the pistons to have same distance from the centre of the crank.

I dont use EP sliders. Thats just bad. I use right click slider then i do ballsocket centre with rotation constrait. It never spazzed to me.

For most people, EP sliders or PA sliders work the best.