Contraptionist trying to pose something - take a look, have a laugh

yes yes, you know the drill, another “contraptionist” trying to pose something to smoothly sneak into this fine community only to ninja plant a bunch of contraption threads…

no but seriously though. i’ve never made a pose or an edit of a gmod screenshot before so i understand if you want to throw shit my way because i suck at it :v:
i just thought, why should i try to get the people who only do poses to try to build something if i’ve never tried posing. the masking went terribly wrong and that’s why the leaves and the grass are horrible.

guess it isn’t that hard to tell what this is or anything, but here’s scene:

also, yay for originality :downs:

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also huge black borders to get it to 1280 width after cropping…

what’s the point of adding black bars to increase resolution?
Zoom in with camera to get better shots.
Work on your posing.
Everything seems blurry for some reason.

Good luck.

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also don’t use magic wand for erasing background

i just wanted it to be 1280 because i’m strange like that.
i did use colour range, but i’m not used to working with such small images as this one.
and thanks for the cc :smile:

You are already the second contraption builder that posts a posing
Should we start to learn wire and expressions?

We aren’t requiring it, but it wouldn’t hurt to know :v:

Not that bad.

heh, i don’t know shit about expressions and wire. but you don’t need to know shit about that to make a half assed contraptions like these[/thumb]

it’s just that when i see screenshots like these, i just go crazy because i can’t imagine making something like it and not make it work :v:


Honestly, I’ve been crazy about this wire shit about one ore two years ago.
I still remeber some things I built like flying spheres that were chasing each other
And you need to know expressions to make this things move, as far as remember :v:

naaaah man. i mean sure, for mechs you might need e2 if you want them to be smooth and sexy like sestzes stuff, but for cars or tanks there’s nothing wrong with just using wheels and/or thrusters. i mean i see all this creativity that you screenshot posers have that could go into making totally original and awesome contraptions and i shouldn’t say it’s a waste because the pictures are really epic, but you can have so much more fun running/driving around in something you’ve built than just making it, snapping a picture and then leaving it for dead :v: