Contribute to the development! RUSTCOMM.CO.NR Sharing, Oxide, 1/4 Craft, PVP - LA California, US

I look forward to welcoming players on our new server. We have over 35+ players logged but no more than 8-10 max on at any time. Things can get quiet so I’d like to extend the invitation. I’m a hands-off admin looking for players willing to help contribute to a server that allows the players to have the voice of change in the game. We already have a forum setup which will allow each to share and make his or her own recommendations. The infrastructure is almost finished. Now all we need is the talent (the players). If you’re looking for a chill place to meet genuine players and enjoy the community efforts that have been rarely found within this alpha, join our server. If you’re new, setup shop and send me a ticket saying hello and how you’d like to contribute. Keep in mind, I’ve very open to preferences and will create an average setting for preferences commonly agreed upon.

We hope to see you in the game! net.connect
RUSTCOMM.CO.NR Sharing, Oxide, 1/4 Craft, PVP


**Current /cmd available on server! **

Admin Help:
/adminhelp “message” - User sends message into private admin channel.
/ar “user” “message” - Admin responds to user requests in private.
/@ “message” - Admin channel message.

/history - Displays the last 20 chat entries

List Players:
/list - Lists all connected players in chat.

Private Message:
/pm “name” “msg” - To send a private message to a certain person.

Starter Kits:
/kit - Lists all available kits
/kit “kit name” - Gives the caller the specified kit

Admin Support Ticket:
/ticket - To show your ticket (1 Ticket Maximum)
/ticket “text” - To open a ticket or update your current ticket
/ticket close - To close your ticket

Door Sharing:
/share “player name”
Shares all current and future doors owned by the caller with the target player.
/unshare “player name”
Removes the target player from the caller’s share list.

/gcreate “group name” - Create a group with this name
/ginvite “player name” - Invite a player to your group
/gwho - See which group members are online
/gdelete - Delete a group
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (sender and receiver can do it!)
/gaccept - Accept the invitation
/gleave - Leave your current group
/g “message” - Sends group message
/gwho - Shows online group members
/ghelp - Group help commands
/ginfo - Shows the group name and member count
/glist - Shows a list of all groups (names)

(User was banned for this post ("again, stop making new threads for your server. Use the first one." - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("Stop making new threads for your server and stop making alt accounts to compliment yourself with..." - postal))

This server is great guys. Admins know what they’re doing. Good start server if you’re lost and looking for a new server for long term establishment.