Control Panel Question

If I were to make a local gmod server using SRCDS, is there a way that I can use a control panel like TCadmin with it?
I am wanting to be able to access it from another computer.
Please do not tell me to go with a paid host, I have and it is too expensive right now.

Well as for rcon you should use HLSW and an FTP server.

There should be plenty of auto/remote restarter scripts around there too.

Thank you
How do i install it?
to my gmod location?
or just normally.
Also, How can I setup a FTP server with protection on my computer too.
I am trying to make it fully remote access.
And I also want to know if when I start my computer up,the server turns on?
I am using this tutorial for using it

You can download the steam version of SCRDS, it comes with a nice GUI attached to it. I’ve never used it for source, but it works wonders for CS 1.6