Controling player nextbot (fake player) using clientside startcommand possible?

I want to make a bot player that can be remotely controlled, but still use clientside prediction to prevent sluggish input. I’m still relatively new to Lua and I’m not sure whether this is feasible. If it is, could I get a rough pointer as to how it might be done?

As far as I know, bots are mainly manipulated through StartCommand, and I’m not really sure how I’d use it on a bot using clientside lua, or if that’s even possible. Thanks in advance for any help, though!

You will have to manually network your inputs to the server and apply them in a serverside StartCommand. It’s not ideal, but the engine is not really set up to exchange data between nor attach custom info to usercmds.

Ah, okay, thought that’d be the case. Thanks anyhow, saved me quite a bit of time and anguish :v: