Controling the influx of help threads in general discussion

Bothered making this a thread beacuse I doubt garry reads PMs, and if he doesn’t, I can’t say I blame him. Anyway, I had a semibrilliant idea out of nowhere. Everyone misses the help and support forum and posts here, but they do not usually miss the “help” thread icon. There are a few ways we could harness that. First, and most simply, you could place a text warning right above the post icon menu. Alternitively, you could have a warning appear when selecting the help icon in a non help-and-support forum. You could even have posts with the help icon simply redirect to the help and support forum.

Personally I think the best solution is the second, though i’m sure it will present a coding challenge. Implemented, that could fix most of these misplaced threads with no intrusion and no seemingly unwarranted bans and thread locks. Or it might not work at all. Potentially worth a shot though. Cheers,
—Balto the Wolf Dog

I’d like it if the first time you enter the Gmod section for a full 10 seconds giant red text in all capitals saying that you must go to the Help and Support section for help

you know, keeping it subtle

On a semirelated note, it would be great if threads locked after so many weeks/months of inactivity. Some of the most popular forums have such a feature implemented, and as such you don’t see these many months or years old necroposts out of nowhere.

This is brilliant

It’s a way of weeding out shit posters, and surprisingly it works! :v:

I do agree with the warning message though, it would be handy.