Controllable props

Snipped,this is a shitty addon,i made it by ripping Ben harris’ rollermine code,you should not use it.
I am sorry for releasing such a shitty addon.
Let this thread die now.

Lol, his is kinda cool.

I remember there was a mod called “prop ghost” that did the same thing, except you could fly with it. In fact, I believe I still have the mod.

Finally some one made a prop morph again, and a new controllable ragdoll.

-snip,how dumb i am-

Really awesome, I’ll modify them to make it admin only if they are not (didn’t check at the moment).

-snip,how dumb i am-

I have a request, delete the ragdoll one and make the weapon able to control ragdoll, I prefer controlling a zombie ragdoll than a G-Man one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when I go out a " ghosted " prop, I don’t recover the weapon and the prop stay as " weapon something " when I undo it, could you make it that the prop goes back to its " prop status " and we recover the weapon?

Also, the melon seems to have no sound when you move around with it, props you control through the weapon too.

Thanks in advance if you can fix all these things, but anyways it’s really cool.

I havent downloaded this yet but. ( I don’t think you done this ) I use console comand to bind to a key so when i press it i altomaticly tern into that prop. Or like a entity orb ( model may be a hover ball ) that when you press e on the orb you get a menu of props to tern into.

Yay update.When the melon breaks the player should die too.

-snip,how dumb i am-

This is pretty cool but why is it a weapon? I think it’d be better as a STool or a console command.

Anyway here’s a bug: if you use kill while controlling a prop, you can still control it both while dead and after you respawn until you press E. It’s kinda fun to control several props at once though.

Also is it possible to make it so you don’t steal other people’s props with this? I’m talking about prop protection; if I control a prop of someone’s it makes it my prop so they can’t move it unless I turn off my protection and then they can see that the prop belongs to me (I want to use this to confuse people by making their props come to life). I doubt it’d be possible to change that but I’m just throwing it out there.

-snip,how dumb i am-

Just wanted to ask. Are you ever going to release the new version or is it now just a I have stopped that now.

-snip,how dumb i am-

oh :frowning:

I so canot wait for the new one. I am sick and tired of having to get the weapon and every time is use it get another weapon because it goes away.


  1. Will there be an orb that i asked about

  2. Will you add a binded key thing

  3. will you still loes all your weapons once leaving prop

  4. any idea when you will bring the new one out. Like in a few months, years to come ???

Why so sad?

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