Controller Support?

Will Rust be Controller supported in the future?
I want all the answers from everyone who is willing to give me an answer, and especially the moderators.
Bye, :wink:

I’d like to see this feature as well. Not much for me but for people who struggle using a keyboard to game. Might attract more attention to the Rust franchise!

I would like to see this! Sounds great to me since the controller is my personal preference.

Only problem is with out a quick select for inventory it going to be annoying to use.

This is so wrong…

Seems like a decent idea, but i prefer keyboard for games like rust.

You could always use a controller that acts like a mouse. I have a controller for my pc that looks like an xbox controller. I can set all keys to it + mouse actions. Id have to set the controls myself but thats no hassle.

So its already an option (: