Controller support

Hi there

I don’t want to be just another guy nagging on about controller support, but i’m just wondering if you guys will still implement this into the game.
Due to a physical disability i can only play games with a controller and since all of my friends started to play Rust i figured i would give it a go with an outside program like xpadder or pinnacle.
Both sadly did not work and i understand you can not allow it because of the anti-cheat program :slight_smile:

So im just curious if this feature is still gonna be implemented or not :slight_smile:

I hope it is as my cousin suffers from a disability and can only play with an emulator ps3 controller.

Does the “steam controller” program work for rust?

Steam controller is compatible with everything you can do on PC.

Negative. As of update 5/5/16, EAC blocked the Steam Controller from using any mouse functions (move, click), making the game unplayable with the SC.

It used to work just fine. Then it became collateral damage in EAC’s attempt to suppress recoil compensation scripts, along with Steam In-Home Streaming and even some gaming mice.

It should be able to do “everything you can do on PC,” as Drury stated. You can use the Steam Controller as both mouse and keyboard for everyday tasks with a little practice. But not when EAC disables it upon launching Rust. Pretty sad considering Facepunch didn’t even have to devote any time or energy into making Rust compatible with the SC or providing support for it, all they had to do was just not block it from working, but EAC ruined that. :frowning:

If you are using a ps4 controller pair Input Mapper with Xpadder. Xpadder isn’t compatible with ds4 controller.(mainly triggers). Input Mapper makes xpadder read Ds4 as Xbox controller and operate the triggers correctly. When you go to startup run Input Mapper then xpadder, when you want to shut your controller off close xpadder first then input mapper. This is important because if done in the wrong order it can and probably will cause you to be to be locked out of your mouse controls until you restart. Plus Bluetooth and the touch pad on ds4 acts as a mousepad.