Controlling a prop

I have had an idea for a gamemode for a while, but it would require controlling a prop in third person, with the directional keys applying forces to the prop in their respective directions. A good example of what I am trying to achieve is the Melon Racers game from GMod 9.

How would one accomplish this in GMod 10 Lua? I have some basic experience with Lua, and a decent amount of overall programming experience. If one simply were to explain a basic outline of how this could be implemented, it would help me greatly.

MelonRacer has been ported To GMOD10 you could try to look at it.

I’m looking at it, and it makes quite a bit of sense. Make a SENT, and use it to calculate the movement based on the owner’s keypresses, as the owner spectates it using SpectateEntity.

Alright, I got it working, but when it kills somebody, it doesn’t give the player credit for the kill. I’ve tried SetOwner and SetPhysicsAttacker, but neither seem to work for SENTs.