Controlling a traceply's movement

Hey guys, I could use some help if anyone has some knowledge with Angles/Vectors. I can’t seem to understand the yaw, etc.

What I’m going for is being able to control a player’s ply:GetEyeTrace().Entity and override their movement. This can be seen as dragging someone.

I’m currently using this as a platform

hook.Add( "SetupMove", "DragCuffer", function( ply, mv, cmd )
	if ply:GetNWBool("isHandcuffed") == true and ply:GetNWBool("beingDragged") == true then
end )


is set every tick if the player is holding +use and looking at someone who is handcuffed
EDIT: forgot to add that the handcuffedVector is the vector of the person who is dragging someone else.

How could I make something like this (skip to 0:21 if it doesn’t already): [video][/video]

You could try taking the players velocity, subtracting it by itself to make it 0, then adding your current players velocity to it. See if that gives you something similar to what you want.

The problem is, if I rotate where the player is looking, the player being dragged will not follow.

You can use a move controller and disable all movement from the child player. Take a look at the magneto stick source code.