Contron's Prop Protection

Can you help me think of an actual decent name?

Current release: SVN | Download the latest version from SVN.

Contron’s Prop Protection is an ultra-lightweight prop protection script. I wrote it as an alternative to SPP, because it looked horribly unoptimised.

Why use CPP?

The main features are it’s less laggy, and the code is written much better. I’ve even commented most of it if you wanted to add/change something.


You can move your own stuff. (obviously)

You can’t pick up other peoples stuff.

You can dynamically own props if they are un-owned.

You can easily disable it by typing sv_cpp_enable 0.


Right now it’s in early beta, but it works fine. If you find any bugs, please post them.

You can easily disable it. To toggle it, type sv_cpp_enable 1/0 in your console.

SVN revision: 28

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