ConVar Message Callback

I’ve seen it done before, and i’ve been searching the hell out of the wiki.

How do i stop the convar messages when you change a convar.

Also, does anyone know how i can stop players from running certain commands, like god or other cheats, while sv_cheats is 1?

My gamemode is going to be thirdperson, so i need cheats to be active but i want to stop people from cheating.

IF you have sv_cheats on i know about 5 ways to crash your server, will help you (i think) abe able to use thirdperson without cheats on, but honestly i dont know how.

Awesome, nice find.

I think that lib should pretty much solve everything.

The only problem i’ve been running into is getting other clients to go thirdperson without cheats.

Looks like i should be able to fix that problem with that lib.

I’ll try it out and see what happens.


That lib is pretty limited with what i can do.

It doesn’t work with every command, and i’ve found this out not only by reading but by experimenting.

Gotta find another way.

You shouldn’t use the engine command for that, just replicate it in Lua with CalcView.

I was going to suggest that before but meh