Question 1: How do I remove a ConVar?

Question 2: How do I set a ConVar’s Value?

Question 3: See below.
[lua]ConVar = CreateConVar(“Whatsthis”, “x”)[/lua]

1,2,3 ->
[lua]local YourConVar = CreateClientConVar(“whatsthis”, “1”, false, false)

if YourConVar:GetBool() then – if its true continue else if its false halt it
– some code best to use in hud paint or w/e

You can use it in an derma YourPanel:SetConVar(“whatsthis”)

I need a global ConVar.

[lua]ConVar = CreateConVar(“Whatsthis”, “x”) [/lua]

–makes convar
CreateConVar( “Whatsthis”, “x”, {FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_CHEAT})

–sets convar, note that there is no comma
self.Owner:ConCommand("whatsthis "…x)

–Gets convar. This is getting a string. If you want int then do GetInt()
GetConVar( “Whatsthis” ):GetString()

Do you guys not understand what Whatsthis is?
Fill in the blank.

[lua]CreateConVar( “”, 'x")[/lua]

There’s a third argument which you’re missing.

All I want to know is…

  1. How do I set a convar’s string?
  2. Fill in the blank.
    [lua]CreateConvar( “”, “x”)[/lua]

Did you not see my post. I clearly tell you how to set it. Also when you create it you’re missing the flags in your 3rd parameter.
Look here:

So when you create the convar you give it a name in the first parameter, a value to set it to initially which is your second parameter, then your flags which is the 3rd parameter.
So now it is set on serverside. Then when you want the console to know of a change you do: self.Owner:ConCommand("whatsthis "…x) where “whatsthis” is the name of your convar and x is a variable on serverside.