conversion file please help

Hi there guys,

Can someone help me to convert 3 small models that got from .mdl / . phy extensions to obj or fbx ?

here are the models


You uhh.

You feeling okay there, Blaze?

Gmod4ever XD I love your video !
I think Blaze had a breakdown because of the too simple question…

neoras, if you want to convert .mdl and .phy objects (actually you only need .mdl) :
-Get Crowbar
-In Crowbar, go to “Decompiler”->choose the mdl file in “MDL file”->click on “Decompile MDL file”
-Now you have .SMD files, and .QC. Go to blender (or 3DS Max) and import the smd models you want (generally, there is a reference model and a physic model)
-Export them at .obj file, or whatever you want.
As we say in France : Voilà ! :happy:

Also make sure you’ve got the source tools for whatever modelling program you choose to use.

Also gmod4ever you should probably update your Nvidia drivers!!! :excited:

hi there guys, if i had 3dmax or knew how to operate scripts to pyth i will not be here to ask you that :confused:

You can download Blender in an all-in-one file, you don’t have to know pyth scripts :

And don’t forget to download Crowbar :

And I forget one thing, you have to install blender source tool :

This video shows how to install Source Tool

After this, follow all the steps in my other answer.

If you don’t know how to import in Blender: File-> Import-> Source Engine (smd, vta, dmx, qc)
To export the model, you just have to go to File-> Export-> .obj
Voilà ! It’s very simple !

thanks a lot i made it to work :slight_smile:

So I don’t have to convert them for you ? You’ve managed to convert them on your own ?
In that case, Bravo neoras !

yes i did thank you