Convert a Ragdoll to NPC

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, it’s my first post, and there seemed to be no “NPC” section to the forum. Also, a google search of something similar led to the main forum of this, but here seems more appropriate.

I’ve been trying to convert a Roxas from KHII Ragdoll into an NPC, could someone help me with it?

Sorry if there is some special thing to do for Lua, like I said, this is my first post.

local Category = “Humans”

local NPC = { Name = “RageZ”,
Class = “npc_citizen”,
Model = “models/roxashp.mdl”,
Health = “150”,
KeyValues = { citizentype = 7 },
Category = Category }

list.Set( “NPC”, “npc_RageZ”, NPC )

is what I have typed. All Model to NPC guides say that you do the file location like that, but what folder is that exactly; Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Models, or another?

I have that file in Lua/Autorun, and it will open, but it gets the big red error for missing model. The model was originally an addons file, but I extracted it into the main files, and it runs fine; just not the NPC. is the location of the download, MarioKart64n made it.

If someone can convert it to an NPC, that’s be great, but I’d also like to know where I messed up.
Thanks, and sorry if my link and lua aren’t the proper way, I don’t know how if I need to do anything special.

actualy i believe there was a thread like this, here let me find the link for you


wait nevermind, also i believe npc’s use lua, there is a lua coding section, you could try there

I don’t think hes rigged to the Valve skeleton. Let me take a look


Can’t be done unless re-rigged to a valve skeleton

Would you or anyone here be able to rig it to a Valve Skeleton?